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Before 2012, we used to be a professional manufacturer of industrial brushes, during which time cow brushes were one of our featured products. It was in that period that we sensed the promising future of smart and eco-friendly farms and caught up with the booming market trend.

The sustainable developing trend of smart farms echoes with our business philosophy – continuous innovation makes greater success. Combining our strength in cow brushes, HerdCow has transferred into an expert in cattle farm equipment for almost 10 years since 2012.

We now still keep moving towards higher business goals and make efforts to better serve our clients. We hope to build reliable and long-last relationships with our partners.


For the past 10 years and in the following decades, our mission is always to bring a stunning array of cattle farm equipment and integrated cow housing solutions, contributing to the modernization of smart and eco-friendly farms and barns and to the success of our clients’ business.

To better serve our global clients, we are now looking for local distributors. If you are interested, please contact us.


Our journey began in 2012 when we caught up with the early trend of building eco-farms. Today, staying positive towards the great potential of sustainable farm system, we are devoted to innovating a more complete portfolio and wish to develop a smarter and visualized management system as soon as possible.

Our Values


Quality Focused

We believe that quality speaks louder than words. From established production lines to rigorous quality control, the excellent quality and stable performance of every product are what we pursue all the time.


Innovation Insistent

Continuous innovation leads to a better future. Encountering fierce competition, we keep innovating and upgrading our equipment according to feedback from our clients and markets.


Sustainability Oriented

Sustainability surpasses everything. No matter during the process of product innovation, or in the designing of farm solutions, we highlight the significance of sustainability.

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