Cow Brushes

Diverse Types of Cow Brushes

With a decade of cow brush manufacturing experience, HerdCow brings different types of cow brushes to meet different market demands. No matter small cow barns or dairy cattle shed, our cow brushes can be easily installed and help to improve the happiness of herds, the production of farms.


Cow Brush Brochure

Get Exclusive information about all types of our cow brushes.

Customize Your Cow Brush

Other than standard types, we also provide a customization service. Elements like the color, length of brush, and the color of fixtures can be tailored to your specific needs.

Check Practical Application in Cattle Farms

Owing to our excellent cattle farm equipmet and thorough one-stop service, we have cooperated with plenty of clients worldwide and supported their successful business. Check the practical use of our equipment in real farms and see how our “users” react !

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