Why HerdCow

Considerate One-Stop Service

From the very beginning to the end, we are always willing to hear from you.

During free consultation, our team of experts will give professional product recommendation based on your specific demands. In the after-sales period, we offer timely online technical support when you need it. We do our best to ensure our smooth cooperation.

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Strict Quality Control

Strict quality control runs through the whole production process.

During the past decade, we have set high inspection standard of raw materials and have established stable relationships with reliable material suppliers. When manufacturing and assembling, our experienced technicians keep a close eye at each step to make sure every product is in good state. Before delivery, our dedicated staff double check to ensure the quality and quantity match with your orders.

Experienced OEM & ODM

The past decade of manufacturing experience has shaped our established and smooth OEM process. Just send us your logo or brand, we will deliver you with quality cattle farm equipment.

Moreover, our design specialists can make adjustments according to your local standards, or even produce a new design based on your detailed requirements.

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Short Lead Time

Time is money. We are deeply aware of the significance of efficiency in business.

For urgent orders, our in-stock standard equipment helps to cut the lead time. Your order can be delivered as fast as 7 days to help you meet your deadlines. For custom orders, the whole process can be controlled within 30 days. You can get your tailored quality equipment just one month after your order.

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