High Quality Cattle Farm Equipment

Cow Brushes >

Extra strong nylon brushes help to keep the cattles clean and comfortable, and improve their blood circulation

Cattle Headlocks >

Flexible design of cattle headlocks ensures the free movement of cows when they eat and drink.

Freestalls >

Freestalls separate cows from each other while provide enough exercise space, which contributes to more convenient management.

Calf Hutches >

With ingenious ventilation design, calf hutches improve calves’ living environment, making separate health monitoring easier.

Farm Fans >

Optimized air flow design and durable material significantly increase energy efficiency and help you to cut cost.

Rubber Cow Mats >

Excellent in skid resistance and durability, easy to clean, rubber cow mats improve the overall living environment of herds.

Cattle Troughs >

Equipped with thermostat, cattle troughs keep water warm in cold days. The use of durable materials help you reduce maintenance cost.

Integrated Farm Solutions

The environment of cattle house is vital in a cow farming business. A well designed and managed cattle house is beneficial to improve the health of herds and the production of farms.

Owing to the diverse array of cow comfort products and the professionalism of our team of experts, form basic farm facilities layout to ventilation solution, HerdCow offers you integrated solutions to optimize your farm environment. From daily drinking to calf management, HerdCow ensures you productive and happy cows.

Take advantages of our professional farm solutions to boost your business! 

About HerdCow

HerdCow is an experienced cattle farm equipment manufacturer in China. We have been devoted to the animal husbandry machinery industry for nearly 10 years, since 2012.

More than quality equipment, we provide you with cost-effective cattle housing solutions as well as thoughtful service during our entire cooperation.

Herdcow brings you full range of farm equipment

Why Choose HerdCow


Wide Variety of Products

A wide range of cattle farm equipment enables us to bring you integrated and cost-effective cattle housing solutions, assisting you to improve your farm production.


Professional One-Stop Service

From efficient communication and bulk order processing to rapid delivery and expert after-sales service, HerdCow has everything you need under one brand.


Experienced OEM Capability

With nearly 10 years of manufacturing experience, we are familiar with OEM process. Moreover, our in-stock standard equipment helps to cut the lead time. Your order can be delivered in as fast as 7 days.


Strict Quality Control

Adhering to established global standards, our dedicated quality control team rigorously inspects every product during and after manufacturing to ensure consistent performance.

HerdCow's Blogs

Get the latest information from industry specialists in our team. The blogs we produce offer inspiring cattle farm solutions, optimal designs of cow comfort products and the latest cow housing trends.

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