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    High Quality Cattle Farm Equipment

    Cow Brushes >

    Extra strong nylon brushes help to keep the cattles clean and comfortable, and improve their blood circulation

    Cattle Headlocks >

    Flexible design of cattle headlocks ensures the free movement of cows when they eat and drink.

    Freestalls >

    Freestalls separate cows from each other while provide enough exercise space, which contributes to more convenient management.

    Calf Hutches >

    With ingenious ventilation design, calf hutches improve calves’ living environment, making separate health monitoring easier.

    Farm Fans >

    Optimized air flow design and durable material significantly increase energy efficiency and help you to cut cost.

    Rubber Cow Mats >

    Excellent in skid resistance and durability, easy to clean, rubber cow mats improve the overall living environment of herds.

    Cattle Troughs >

    Equipped with thermostat, cattle troughs keep water warm in cold days. The use of durable materials help you reduce maintenance cost.

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