The Functions and Characteristics of Cow Brushes

Cow brushes are a kind of roller brush designed according to the body of cattle. It can not only clean the cows but also has a more important role in daily massage for the cows. According to research, cows can use swing cow brushes to increase milk production by about 1 kilogram per day. At the same time, research in the United States shows that the use of cattle brushes can significantly reduce the incidence of clinical mastitis. The shape of the Herdcow company cow brush is suitable for the body characteristics of the cows, so the body of the cow can be cleaned from head to tail, and the teat can be in contact with the brush for a long time to remove the fallen skin cells, winter hair, parasites and dust. This ensures that the herd is clean and healthy while also providing sufficient comfort for the cows.

Herdcow‘s cow brushes features:
1. The comfort cow brushes guarantee good safety performance according to the cow body design. When the hanging brush comes into contact with the cow, it will automatically start the optional cow brush roller. When the cow body leaves, the rotating cow brush stops automatically.
2. Fully automatic cow brush is swinging and in contact with the cattle body, so it can massage, clean more parts of the cattle body, occupy a small place, easy to install, and easy to clean.
3. The cow body brush is made of wear-resistant, flexible nylon brush filaments, which can clean the body of the cow, tickle the cow, massage, and the soft and hard brush can make the cow reach a comfortable realm.
4. The massage brush of cows can help the cows to clean the dirt and parasites more healthily and safely, reduce the spread of germs on the cow’s body, reduce the risk of cows diseases to a greater extent, strengthen the blood circulation of the cows, and make the cows have a good constitution.
5. Promote milk production and milk quality. Cattle brush can promote blood circulation of dairy cows and promote milk production. At the same time, it can also ensure the cleanliness of dairy cows, improve the working efficiency of milking machines and shorten the time required of cleaning cow breasts.

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