Introduction of the Cow Brushes from Herdcow Company

The Herdcow company’s Cow Brushes offers a major contribution to a cow’s welfare and are therefore becoming an essential tool for increasing milk yield, because the animals are calmer, and their well-being is improved with brushing.

Features of the Herdcow Cow Brush
• Easy to install – Can be installed in any indoor or outdoor facility
• Ergonomically designed to conform to the cow’s body, the Cow Brush removes parasites and excrement whilst significantly improving the cow’s comfort, thus reducing irritability in cattle
• With a strong massage function, the Cattle Brush promotes cattle gastric motility, blood circulation and increases roughage intake
• Easy to operate with low maintenance and auto-sensing
• Low-speed, low-noise, power-saving motor which prolongs the life of the brush body
• Auto-flip function for entangled hair/tail
• If the tail of the cow or other objects is caught in the brush body, the rotation-resistance of the brush body will increase, the motor current will increase, the controller will issue a command, and the brush body will reverse.

The Cow hanging brush can be customized to the customer’s requirements, both in terms of size, the filling materials (PP, Nylon, PE, PBT, etc.), and the base material (PP, PVC, galvanized, or stainless steel) used.

Herdcow’s team of dedicated employees are hard-working, meticulous, and patient and are therefore able to not only provide you with high-quality products but also with the VIP service for which we have become known.
All products are piece-by-piece double tested by Herdcow’s QC technicians. All products will be tested more than 24 hours before shipment. Four inspection stages occur during production and a final product testing process is a prerequisite prior to packing ensuring a defective product percentage as low as 0.1%.
With major customers hailing from all over the world, Herdcow is the perfect experienced partner to assist you in gaining a competitive advantage through its cost-efficient, quality products.

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